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Curated Book Fairs
Our unique book fairs bring the experience of shopping at The Bookies Bookstore into the heart of your school! We will work with you to create a collection that reflects your students’ interests and draws on books from all publishers. Best of all, on the day we send along one of our experienced staff to help students select their books. And you can use our discount to sell the books more cheaply to your students or to fundraise for your school. We are renowned for our knowledge and enthusiasm about books for children and teens, and with our fairs we bring this knowledge right to you and your school! Email or call on (303) 759-1117

Book Lists
Looking for books on a specific topic? Let us know and we can create a book list for you on our website. Take a look at the lists under the Books We Love tab at the top of this page to see some examples. Email or call on (303) 759-1117

You can also make your own list to share with your fellow teachers or parents. When you are browsing books, you will see a little click box with your name next to it at the bottom of the book's information. Just click on that box and the book will be added to your list. To see your list, click on Home on the top menu and you will see an option: My Lists. Click on that to see your list and work with it by choosing an option, including share, email, edit and even convert to Excel.

You can make multiple lists, but you do need to be logged into your account. Creating an account is quick and painless, honest!