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Early Readers--Grades 1 & 2
Handpicked and reviewed by our staff for 2018 summer reading! Click on the cover images for more information.


When Andy Met Sandy by Tomie dePaola

Perfect for emerging readers. Just out in paperback, this new series about friendship introduces us to Andy who is small and quiet and Sandy who is tall and loud.  


Louise Loves Bake Sales by Kelly Light

A lovely read for early readers. Louise loves all kinds of art, but can she and her brother make messy cupcakes into art in time for the bake sale?  


The Moonlight Meeting and The Slithery Shakedown (The Nocturnals series) by Tracy Hecht Adventure-filled early readers with lots of fun facts at the end. Discover the Nocturnals, a marsupial, pangolin and fox, who become friends.


The Not-So-Itty-Bitty Spider (Olive & Beatrix #1) by Amy Stadelmann

The first in a new series about siblings, friends and working together. Olive and Beatrix are twins. Olive loves science and Beatrix loves magic and they accidentally create giant spiders!


Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework! by Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler

Bright and breezy graphic tale of two aliens looking for a pet on earth. Science facts cleverly woven into the fun.


The Haunted House Next Door (Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol #1) by Andres Miedoso

Spooky fun in which two very different eight-year-olds catch ghosts. Desmond Cole is fearlessly always looking for ghosts and monsters, while his new best friend is afraid of everything.


A New Arrival (Sprout Street Neighbors #2) by Anna Alter

A warm lovely read. Mili has just moved into an apartment on Sprout Street and soon becomes friends with, and a part of, the Sprout Street family.  


The New Kid (The Alien Next Door #1) by A.I. Newton

An entertaining read. Zeke’s friend Harris is the only one who suspects that new-kid Zeke might be from another planet.


Daisy Dreamer and the Totally New Imaginary Friend #1 by Holly Anna

Ideal for imaginative early readers. Daisy Dreamer has her head in the clouds! When one of her drawings moves, she discovers an imaginary friend, Posey, and writes his story.


Science No Fair! (Project Droid #1) by Nancy Krulik & Amanda Burwasser

Amusing read. When Logan’s inventor mom builds him a robot cousin, he is very excited. Java is smart but doesn’t seem to understand anything.


Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell

A biography about Jane Goodall for the very young. Jane dreams of "a life living with and helping all animals”. Then, one day, her dream comes true!


Who Says Women Can’t be Doctors? by Tanya Lee Stone

Inspire your young scientist with this wonderful picture book about Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor.




Baby Monkey, Private Eye by Brian Selznick & David Serlin

This is a great introduction to the work of Brian Selznick. Baby Monkey’s adventures come to life in an exciting blend of picture book, beginning reader and graphic novel.


Princess Cora and the Crocodile by Laura Amy Schlitz

A great read aloud and all around fun book from a Newbery-winning author. Princess Cora’s parents are so intent in preparing her to rule the kingdom that she has no time to play.  


And there’s more...


For emerging readers look at the fantastic new Elephant & Piggie Like Reading series which includes the following titles:  We are Growing, The Cookie Fiasco, The Good for Nothing Button,  It’s Shoe Time! and The Itchy Book (out in May). (If your emerging reader hasn’t discovered it yet, Elephant & Piggie’s own series by Mo Willems is one of the best around!)


Toon into Reading is a a bright and fun series of graphic novels and nonfiction for beginning readers.


Geisel Award winners – We’ve collected the Geisel Award winning books – the best books for early readers – on one shelf in our early reading section.  Ask our staff to direct you to it. A few highlights include:


Tales for Very Picky Eaters by Josh Schneider

A rollicking read aloud, this was the 2012 Geisel Medal Winner.  James is a picky eater, and his father must get creative to get him to eat the foods he thinks he doesn’t like.  


Charlie & Mouse by Laura Snyder, hardcover (582001)

The  2018 Geisel Medal winner comprises four hilarious stories of two very inventive brothers. A charming read.


Move Over Rover by Karen Beaumont (630, 582004)

Rhyming, repetitive text for emerging readers. When it rains, it pours! All the animals climb into Rover’s dog house until Mr. Skunk comes along.