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It all started in a basement
50 years ago, our owner, Sue Lubeck, decided the children of Denver needed a magical bookstore. She filled her home basement with children's books and opened her doors. Soon, the books were joined by teaching resources and they all spilled into the hallway, then the living room, and into the bedrooms!

After 10 years, the books and teaching supplies burst out of the basement and into a bookstore, where they invited a few new friends to join them, like adult books, toys and games. We'd say they all lived happily ever after, but that would be cliché. (Although they are living happily ever after, of course.)


Sue Lubeck, owner of The Bookies

The Bookies Bookstore today
The Bookies Bookstore really is that magical place that Sue envisioned. Community-focused and still independently-owned by Sue, The Bookies Bookstore is heaven for booklovers of all ages. If we don't have something (yes, even with over 100,000 titles it sometimes happens), we'll find it for you!

Many of us are Denver teachers, teacher mentors, and tutors who know the latest trends and requirements in education today. We're a major supplier of books, classroom sets, educational resources, and professional development materials to Colorado school districts, as well as neighboring states—even California, New York, and China. We make it easy to order and ship to classrooms all over the world!

We love what we do, and we want to keep on doing it—for you.


We're more than booksellers
We're readers too! Every member of our staff is a walking library and we're always ready to share our book recommendations and knowledge. We're full of suggestions for everyone, from children to adults. Try us out! Send us an email letting us know about the person that you want books for (or for you!) and why and we'll make up a list of at least seven books, selected just for you. Browse through some of our recent booklists.

The Bookies staff with The Thank You Book by Mo Willems

Something for everyone—and free gift wrapping
If you can pull yourself away from our bookshelves (it's tough, we know), you'll find we also have hundreds of gifts for all ages, including purses, jewelry, accessories, games, toys, stuffed animals, crafts and much more! And we gift wrap for free!

The Bookies staff behind the counter