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Jessica's Bookshelf—Books She Talks AboutSee more

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From picture books, to memoirs, to modern poetry, her tastes are unique and have stretched our staff to read beyond what they normally turn to. Read her reviews below!

Yo Soy Muslim
Gave me chills at so many parts! Absolutely beautiful picture book. Everyone I've shown this to has bought it and sung its praises. If you need to be seen, for all your human remarkableness, read it!

Her Right Foot
Staff fave! Dave Eggers hit it out of the park, or off the island rather, with this picture book! Learn why Lady Liberty is on the move. And why she's an immigrant too.

The State of Affairs
So much to learn about human relationships in this book! Perel is a leading psychotherapist who understands how to uncover the nuances between the erotic and domestic—and where infidelity can arise. So well-spoken (she knows seven languages and has traveled the world) and engaging, I listen to her interviews and seek out her guidance in an ever-evolving world! Check out her TED talks too.

Keepers of the Story
Amazing debut memoir by local Colorado author Micah Springer! A love story about an adventurous year traveling in Africa. If you liked Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, or anything by Elizabeth Gilbert, get in early with this stunner! + it's 100% eco-printed. Yay trees!

The Sun and Her Flowers
Let the poets lead us! Wonderful second collection of poetry by the Instagram star Rupi Kaur. She self-published her first poetry book with her original drawings, Milk & Honey, and this second book is a bestseller. I've shared this with my mother and now she's a fan too! The poems about the mother-daughter relationship hit me hard. I've since listened to Kaur in interviews and she's just as perceptive speaking as she is writing. Bravo to the youngsters using their voices! "Perhaps we are all immigrants trading one home for another..."

Quiet Until the Thaw
Beautiful! Could underline the whole thing! Fans of Louise Erdrich and Sherman Alexie will see another perspective of life on an Indian reservation. But it's so much more than that—a timely reflection on the interconnectedness of all beings.

A Moonless, Starless Sky
Extraordinary debut from Okeowo! Her journalistic interviews from people affected by extremist groups in Africa is very moving and eye-opening. So much to learn about the rise of both Boko Haram and the LRA. Her reflections on what can happen to survivors when they are asked to share and retell their stories was insightful. Hard to read in parts because of the horrific violence, but I stuck with it because the humanity of these people rises...and rises.

Kiss the Ground
Soil, soil, soil. If you like any food docs, or books about the global (and US) food systems like The Omnivore's Dilemma, or The Third Plate—add this one to your reading pile. And then go to your local farmer's market! ;)