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Teachers, we're here to help!
Teachers with boxes of books
An amazing education and amazing books—you can't have one without the other. We find perfect book matches for teachers, kids and their students. Many of us are former or current teachers so we know what classroom life is like (the good and the bad!), and we know what will capture your students' imaginations, or get that math to stick in their heads. Plus, we can often fill orders on the spot from our extensive inventory.

As for teacher resources, we have what may be the biggest selection in Denver, from books on professional development for you, to pencil grips, manipulatives, posters, and stickers for your students.

Need help right now?!
Email or call Anne Menon, our school order coordinator: or (303) 759-1117.

Shop in the store or on our website!
Want to browse our shelves or check out the latest school supplies? Our teachers section in the store lets you do just that. Or, if you know what you want, you can request a quote here on our site! We'll send you a detailed quote and even deliver.

Sending in multiple teachers to shop with us? Let us know!
It's to your school's advantage to let us know you'll be shopping with us. You might get a better discount per teacher (depending on your budget) if we know ahead of time that a group of teachers is coming in. We aim to stay on a two-week timeline—if there are multiple teachers shopping from the same budget, they have two weeks to submit their ordered books.

The more you buy, the bigger your discount!
From the day Sue Lubeck started the store, she's offered a discount—and it continues today!

15% discount for orders under $749.99
20% discount for orders $750.00 - $2,999.99
25% discount for orders over $3,000.00

This scale applies to school credit cards, checks, and purchase orders. But if you use a personal credit card, you'll still receive a 10% discount. (Sadly some professional development  books can't be discounted.)

We're unfazed by even the biggest orders! Go on, give us a challenge!

How to make an online order for your school
1. Create an account on the website. We promise it's as quick and painless as we could make it!
2. Choose your books and put them in your shopping cart or go to your (empty) cart and follow the instructions to import a list from Excel or as a text file
3. Click on Request a Quote to check out without paying. Yes, seriously. Nice, eh?
4. Type the name and phone number of your school in the instruction box. Will you need your order shipped? Let us know. Tell us any other special requests!
5. We'll email you a detailed quote that will include your school's tax exemption, our store discount, and an estimated shipping cost (or no shipping cost if you would like to pick the books up yourself)
6. Once you're happy with your final quote, we'll need a method of payment from the school before we actually order your books. A school credit card, purchase order, or school check are all options.
7. Someone will rejoice when they read a new book!


Teacher building sets at The Bookies

Well, that makes you a teacher too! We have everything you need to support your school at home, including workbooks and  a variety of supportive resources. We often recommend Saxon Math, Wordly Wise, and the Write Source workbooks. Plus, we have tons of posters and materials.


Want to talk?
Email or call Anne Menon, our school order coordinator: or (303) 759-1117.